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Do you have trouble getting court time?  Do you hate chasing rebounds all over the court?  Do you know what areas you shoot good or bad from?  Are you unsure what workouts to do? 

The Workshop is your SOLUTION.

The Workshop is a members only, self-operated area dedicated to giving players their own space to work on their game.  The Workshop has 5 hoops and features 3 shooting bays, each with a Dr. Dish shooting machine.  The Workshop will also feature a
Leader board that will show the top shooters for the day, month and year.

The Dr. Dish machines are loaded with hundreds of shooting, ball-handling and agility workouts.  With Dr. Dish, players can get 5X more reps than without.
The Dr. Dish machines will track your stats and can deliver powerful analytics to help increase performance.


*Only a limited number of memberships will be offered, after the limit is hit you will be put on a wait list

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